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I'm an old dude jadis known as creative coder and designer, now happy CTO and part-time advisor.

I do creative coding, beginning with Flash when it meant "fabulous exotic GUIs". It leads me to 5 years in AR/VR worlds through GESTURES.IO project.

Since 2015, I get back to web publishing tools with DATAMIX.IO, playing with JS, Golang and Kubernetes.


I like working with:

Coding Languages: Go, Javascript, W3C (HTML5/CSS3), Python, PHP, Perl, C, C#/Mono, bash and so on.



CODE ViM, VSCode-server, Goland
GFX Adobe Creative Suite
SYSTEM Debian + Caddy + Nginx
OFFICE Cryptpad + Notion + Crisp



SYSTEMS Debian / Win10 / OSX
KEYBOARD Logitech K780e
MOUSE Expert Mouse M01306
PENCILS XPPen Artist22

These times are amazing, on the coding side of the world.


first website in 1996, first paid webservice in 1997.
first big projects in 2000s.
first worldwide project in 2010.

20+ years as Freelancer*

known as quick prototyper, problem-solver and
web standards purist

*I mainly act as CTO since 2010

Remote, 2010-2014Lead Coder.
We created an online DOOH advertising platform that can handle Gestures.IO-powered sequences.

Marseilles, 1999-2003I act as a coder, then Lead Coder, then CTO.
We created a beautiful online advertising platform that competed with Doubleclick in Europe.
Then Google comes in.
Game over.

Coming soon

Marseilles, 2003-2007Full-stack Coder.
Customized CMS in PHP.

Marseilles, 2010-2016Web designer.
Full-stack Coder.
Customized CMS in PHP.

Remote, 2016-NOWI act as co-founder, CTO, Art Director and Lead Coder.We have created a publishing platform to help large companies' teams to forget about paper business cards, through a webapp and NFC tags.- White-label by default.
- A wide range of bots.
- Enterprise-grade API.

Marseilles, 2004A PHP4-powered customized CMS.
Brilliant Art Direction.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Marseilles, 2001-2006The Daily Jungle was created in #PHP in 2001 and became one of the first French news source validated by early Google News.The project stopped in 2006 after the split of the original team and my departure from Marseilles, but it was 5 fabulous years with a great community of readers and writers.We lost the sources, but most of the contents are available on

Remote, 2015-NOWI co-founded and run a privacy-first hosting company.
More info to come.

Coming soon

Worldwide, 2010-2015I acted as CTO and main coder.
We created a JS, Flash AS3 and Unity framework to easily access to 3D sensors detected movements and coordinates.

[DOC] Last edited document before closure (French)

A lot of things learnt.
Deep project. Beautiful people met.
But a technology too young to succeed.

- Created a Software Developers community with feedbacks and enjoyable real-coding experiences.
- First international team creation and lead.
- Long-term partnership with OpenNI after meeting in Paris.
- Created a Windows and OSX installable software, with
- First memorable dependency fail-out: we were stuck to Adobe's choices on Adobe AIR beautiful technology.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Marseilles, 2005French State Office INA had a website, Cap Méditerranée.
Didn't work with arabic language, besides the fact that 2M Moroccan TV channel was an important partner.
They didn't have access to the website code...Reverse-Engineering Sprint as I liked.
A new dedicated CMS in 5 days.
In French, English, Arabic and Hebrew.
Too old project for screenshots.

Online, 2019-2020Week-end Hack with Google, Spotify and LastFM APIs.
Helped creating a indie-focused access to music.

Next Indiedrome project is coming soon.

Paris, 1999-2006Full-stack Coder.
Customized CMS in PHP.

Coming soon

Coming soon

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Coming soon

Paris, 2010-2013Main Research and Development.
Prototyping around the "virtual dressing room" egregor.
[DOC] Technical sheet

- Lead coder and dev team founder.
- Research & development with Geneva University.
- Software partnership with hungarian firm Fitnect.
- Participation to 3D Body Tech Conferences in Lugano, Switzerland with main 3D human body scanning actors.

Coming soon

Remote, 2019-2021Web Development.
Collaborative project with fabulous people.

Remote, 2020-Founder, GFX, Web Development.
Collaborative project playing around creating apps for real artists to get a real economic autonomy.

Total playground on front-end possibilities.

Oliver Night

Remote, 2020Web Design
HTML/CSS/JS Integration


Coming soon

Remote, 2005-2009Serveral webservices as PHP Freelance Coder:
- Rainbird Web Design service
- Google Maps-enabled directory
- Virtual Greetings Cards Generator
- Extranet Documentation Database

Coming soon

Remote, 2007-2012AS3 Flash Coder.

Marseilles, 2013Web designer.
Full-stack Coder.
Customized CMS in PHP.

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