I'm an old dude known as creative coder and designer, sometimes composer, exceptionnaly teacher or jury member.

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CĂ©dric LH aka L3DLP
📧 cedric@l3dlp.com


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20+ years as creative Freelancer*

first web work published in 1996.
first project managed in 2001.
first worldwide project in 2010.

Mostly reknown as quick prototyper, urgency-solver and web standards purist under the banner:

*I mainly act as CTO since 2010.

MAIN TOOLS I like working with:


software STACK

CODE ViM, VSCode-server, Goland
GFX Adobe Creative Suite
SYSTEM Debian + Caddy + Nginx
OFFICE Cryptpad + Notion + Crisp

hardware stack

SYSTEMS 1 Debian / 1 Win10 / 1 OSX
KEYBOARD Logitech K780e
MOUSE Expert Mouse M01306
PENCILS XPPen Artist22

Remote, 2010-2014Lead Coder.
We created an online DOOH advertising platform that can handle Gestures.IO-powered sequences.

Marseilles, 1999-2003I act as a coder, then Lead Coder, then CTO.
We created a beautiful online advertising platform that competed with Doubleclick in Europe.
Then Google comes in.
Game over.

Marseilles, 2003-2007Full-stack Coder.
Customized CMS in PHP.

Marseilles, 2010-2016Web designer.
Full-stack Coder.
Customized CMS in PHP.

Remote, 2016-NOWI act as co-founder, CTO, Art Director and Lead Coder.We have created a publishing platform to help large companies' teams to forget about paper business cards, through a webapp and NFC tags.- White-label by default.
- A wide range of bots.
- Enterprise-grade API.
[WEB] https://card.pm

Marseilles, 2004A PHP4-powered customized CMS.
Brilliant Art Direction.

Remote, 2015-NOWI co-founded and run a privacy-first hosting company.
More info to come.
[WEB] https://datamix.io

Worldwide, 2010-2015I acted as CTO and main coder.
We created a JS, Flash AS3 and Unity framework to easily access to 3D sensors detected movements and coordinates.

[DOC] Last edited document before closure (French)

A lot of things learnt.
Deep project. Beautiful people met.
But a technology too young to succeed.

- Created a Software Developers community with feedbacks and enjoyable real-coding experiences.
- First international team creation and lead.
- Long-term partnership with OpenNI after meeting in Paris.
- Created a Windows and OSX installable software, with
- First memorable dependency fail-out: we were stuck to Adobe's choices on Adobe AIR beautiful technology.

Marseilles, 2005French State Office INA had a website, Cap Méditerranée.
Didn't work with arabic language, besides the fact that 2M Moroccan TV channel was an important partner.
They didn't have access to the website code...Reverse-Engineering Sprint as I liked.
A new dedicated CMS in 5 days.
In French, English, Arabic and Hebrew.
Too old project for screenshots.

Online, 2019-2020Week-end Hack with Google, Spotify and LastFM APIs.
Helped creating a indie-focused access to music.

Next Indiedrome project is coming soon.

Paris, 1999-2006Full-stack Coder.
Customized CMS in PHP.

Paris, 2010-2013Main Research and Development.
Prototyping around the "virtual dressing room" egregor.
[DOC] Technical sheet

- Lead coder and dev team founder.
- Research & development with Geneva University.
- Software partnership with hungarian firm Fitnect.
- Participation to 3D Body Tech Conferences in Lugano, Switzerland with main 3D human body scanning actors.

Remote, 2019-2021Web Development.
Collaborative project with fabulous people.

Remote, 2020-Founder, GFX, Web Development.
Collaborative project playing around creating apps for real artists to get a real economic autonomy.

Total playground on front-end possibilities.

Oliver Night

Remote, 2020Web Design
HTML/CSS/JS Integration

-> https://oliver-night.com

Remote, 2005-2009Serveral webservices as PHP Freelance Coder:
- Rainbird Web Design service
- Google Maps-enabled directory
- Virtual Greetings Cards Generator
- Extranet Documentation Database

Remote, 2007-2012AS3 Flash Coder.

Marseilles, 2013Web designer.
Full-stack Coder.
Customized CMS in PHP.